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Teaser Bild von Shadowlands: Neue legendäre Affixe für Druiden, Schurken und die allgemeine Kategorie

Der in der vergangenen Nacht auf die Testserver der geschlossenen Beta von Shadowlands aufgespielte neue Build 35360 brachte wieder einmal eine Reihe von neuen legendären Affixen für die in dieser Erweiterung herstellbaren legendären Ausrüstungsteile mit sich, die den Testern der Beta jetzt bei der Schmiede in Torghast zur Verfügung stehen sollten.

Bei diesen neuen legendären Affixen handelt es sich um die ersten Effekte dieser Art für die Schurken, einige neue Affixe für die Druiden und eine handvoll von allgemeinen Fähigkeiten für alle Klassen. Die folgende Übersicht beinhaltet alle mit Build 35360 gelieferten brandneuen Affixe, ihre Limitierungen für Rüstungsteile und Hinweise auf ihre ursprüngliche Inspiration.     Legendäre Affixe der allgemeinen Kategorie: NEW  Echo of Eonar   Summon a spiritual familiar to your side. Your healing spells and abilities have a chance to send your familiar to a nearby ally, increasing their damage and healing by 0 for 20 sec. If no allies are present, your familiar will flock towards your nearest enemy, increasing your damage against them by 0. Inventory Type: Waist, Wrist, Hands NEW  Judgment of the Arbiter   Dealing damage has a high chance to release a blast of spiritual energy for 0 Holy damage. If another ally who bears the Judgment of the Arbiter is within 5-20 yards of you, the blast will also arc to them, dealing 0 Holy damage to enemies in the arc. Procs per minute changed from None to 6 Inventory Type: Head, Wrist, Hands Inspired by the Diablo 3 Arcstone ring NEW  Norgannon’s Sagacity   Casting a spell grants Sagacity, stacking up to 10. When you move, you are able to cast while moving for 0.5 sec for each stack of Sagacity. Inventory Type: Legs, Feet, Back Inspired by  Norgannon’s Foresight NEW  Sephuz’s Proclamation   Reduce the effectiveness of crowd controlling effects by 25%. Successfully applying a loss of control effect to an enemy, interrupting an enemy, or dispelling any target will increase all your secondary stats by 0 for 15 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Inventory Type: Neck, Shoulder, Chest Inspired by  Sephuz’s Secret NEW  Stable Phantasma Lure   Increases Phatasma earned by 25%. Looting Phantasma from enemies has a chance to summon a Phantasma Demon which will begin running in a random direction. Killing it increases Phatasma earned for entire party by an additional 10% for 1 min. Inventory Type: Neck, Wrist, Back Procs per minute changed from None to 4 NEW  Third Eye of the Jailer   Killing a creature in the Maw increases your damage by 0. Killing a creature with the same continues to stack this effect up to 5 times. Stacks are reset if you kill a creature with a different name. Inventory Type: Head, Shoulder, Waist NEW  Vitality Sacrifice   The first time you damage an Elite enemy, absorb the next 0 damage from that enemy and reflect it back to them. This effect cannot occur again until your current absorb has been depleted. Inventory Type: Head, Shoulder, Chest Conceptually similar to  Nose For Trouble COMING SOON     Legendäre Affixe für Druiden: General NEW Lycara’s Fleeting Glimpse   Every 45 sec while in combat, cast a spell based on your form: No Form: Wild Growth Cat Form: Primal Wrath Bear Form: Barkskin Moonkin Form: Starfall Travel Form: Stampeding Roar Inventory Type: Waist, Feet Balance NEW  Druid Balance Runecarve 3   Entering Eclipse increases your critical strike chance with Arcane or Nature spells by 105%, decreasing by 15% every sec. Inventory Type: Legs, Feet NEW  Timeworn Dreamcatcher   Starsurge and Starfall reduce the cost of Starsurge and Starfall by 10% for 5 sec, stacking up to 2 times. Inventory Type: Chest, Finger Original Source: Legion Legendary The Emerald Dreamcatcher Feral NEW  Druid Feral Runecarve 4   Combo point-generating abilities reduce the cooldown of Incarnation: King of the Jungle by 0.2 and Berserk by 0.2 sec. During Incarnation: King of the Jungle or Berserk, they cause the target to bleed for an additonal 50% of their damage over 8 sec. Inventory Type: Wrist, Hands Original Source: Artifact trait Untamed Ferocity and Tier Set Item – Druid T17 Feral 4P Bonus     Legendäre Affixe für Schurken: General NEW  Essence of Bloodfang   Your Combo Point generators have a chance to infect the target with Bloodfang, causing 0 Bleed damage over 6 sec, and healing the Rogue for 0 each time it deals damage. Inventory Type: Head, Shoulder NEW  Mark of the Master Assassin   While Stealth is active and for 5 sec after breaking Stealth, your Critical Strike chance is increased by 100%. Inventory Type: Wrist, Finger Original: Mantle of the Master Assassin NEW  Tiny Toxic Blades   Shiv causes your Poisons and Bleeds on the target to spread to a nearby enemy. Inventory Type: Waist, Feet NEW  Invigorating Shadowdust   Vanish reduces the remaining cooldown of your other abilities by 0 sec. Inventory Type: Neck, Chest Assassination NEW  Dashing Scoundrel Inventory Type: Feet, Back NEW  Doomblade   Mutilate deals an additional 20% Bleed damage over 3 seconds. Envenom damage increased by 5% for each Bleed you have on the target. Inventory Type: Shoulder, Hands NEW  Dustwalker’s Patch   The remaining cooldown on Vendetta is reduced by 1 sec for every 65 Energy you expend. Inventory Type: Chest, Finger Original: Duskwalker’s Footpads NEW  Zoldyck Insignia   Your Poisons and Bleeds deal 30% increased damage to targets below 30% health. Inventory Type: Legs, Feet Original: Zoldyck Family Training Shackles Outlaw NEW  Rogue Runecarving Inventory Type: Wrist, Hands NEW  Rogue Runecarving Inventory Type: Shoulder, Finger NEW  Rogue Runecarving Inventory Type: Neck, Wrist NEW  Greenskin’s Wickers   Between the Eyes has a 20% chance per Combo Point to increase the damage of your next Pistol Shot by 200%. Inventory Type: Head, Waist Original: Greenskin’s Waterlogged Wristcuffs Subtlety NEW  Rogue Runecarving Inventory Type: Chest, Back NEW  Rogue Runecarving Inventory Type: Head, Hands NEW  Rogue Runecarving Inventory Type: Legs, Back NEW  Rogue Runecarving Inventory Type: Waist, Legs     (via)