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  • Optimize display of teasers with background images
  • Add WoW Taxonomy Term Items view
  • Add form with batch processing to update news and videos data


  • Optimize internal URL handling of news and videos
  • Add google news sitemap for news
  • Add news and videos to sitemap.xml


  • Fix missing youtube video ID of videos
  • Fix search form for mobile devices
  • Fix protocol for SearchAction of structured data


  • Switch wowchannel.de from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Optimize generation of internal URL of news


  • Optimize layout of search form
  • Fix missing struct data for breadcrumb
  • Fix large images for teasers
  • Add schema.org snippets for teasers


  • Fix styling of paragraph title
  • Fix layout issues on nodes
  • Fix jQuery 3 update related errors
  • Fix equal height of term teaser
  • Add structured data for nodes, news and videos


  • Optimize frontpage layout for list elements
  • Optimize brand layout on AMP
  • Optimize ad article block settings for AMP
  • Fix display of nodes without teaser media on frontpage
  • Fix blury teaser images of event nodes
  • Add beta badge to website
  • Add autoplay to AMP videos